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When is it a Good Idea to Get Asbestos Testing?

Asbestos was once commonly used for many things that are found in homes such as insulation. Since it has been banned for a long time now, it is not something you need to worry about being in a newer house. However, if you're thinking of buying a house that was built before the ban, it can be a good idea to have asbestos testing done. The same is true if you already own such a property.  Asbestos products can still be found in buildings built into the early 1990's.


One of the most common parts of a house where asbestos can be found is in the roof. However, shingle roofs don't last forever, and it's very likely that an asbestos-shingle roof has already been renewed with shingles that do not contain this substance. Therefore, if you're concerned about asbestos, you should look at the interior elements.

Old ceiling tiles, wall insulation, fireproof insulation in any place, and popcorn ceilings are all notorious for having included asbestos at some point in history. Unfortunately, insulation is something that is often left alone even during extensive renovations. Ceilings also may escape replacement even after decades. This is because the insulation doesn't show, and ceilings can be painted.

Because of this, certified home inspectors make sure to take note of these things and others that were made with asbestos at some point. If they see anything suspicious, they will then recommend asbestos testing. Positive results almost always mean that the next step is to "abate" the asbestos, which is usually done by removing it. However, in some cases, the abatement following asbestos testing involves sealing the offending material in place so that it cannot leak fibers into the environment.

It's best to consult certified home inspectors for asbestos checks rather than abatement firms. This eliminates the chance of a conflict of interest.

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