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Home Inspection Cost

Is the Home Inspection Cost Worth It?

If you're about to buy a house, you'll surely get advice to have a home inspection done. Like anything else involving a substantial investment, it is important to do a risk/benefit analysis that weighs the cost of precautionary measures against the potential costs of what can happen if you don't take those measures.

For most homes, it is indeed worth the home inspection cost. That's because it's very rare for a house to cost under six figures, and it's also typical to spend 30 years paying off that huge expense. Therefore, the cost of having it inspected is small compared to the total value of the house.

Even if the house is exceptionally inexpensive, it is still important to get a home inspection. For example, you can get some small or tiny homes in rural areas for less than $100,000. It's not enough to simply assume that you'll have to renovate it and skip the inspection.  The inspection can help you pin point area's that will need immediate attention and other area's you can budget for in the future.

Conversely, large houses are especially worth inspecting. That's because the larger a house is, the more it will potentially cost to fix a problem like a leaky roof, electrical, or a failing foundation etc. It's also easier for problems to "hide" in a big house.

More and more people are taking home inspection to another level these days. Those who are concerned about air pollution find it worthwhile to hire home air quality inspectors to augment the usual home inspection services. Home air quality inspectors test for a variety of contaminants and warn their clients if the concentration of these particles are too high or are especially noxious.

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